Upcoming Kibo Eclipse Training

I’m going to be talking about Kibo Eclipse. This is a brand new program that’s set to be released not till January 25th of 2022. But I wanted to let you guys know about this program and give you just a quick overview so you’re aware of it. Should you have more questions, check our FAQ page

Because the past couple versions of this program did incredibly well as far as sales and as far as helping people create success using the internet and using this specific business model.

Now I’m going to be honest with you – there’s not a lot of information about the Kibo Eclipse, so this is just going to be an overview video. I’m going to tell you what I know about it based on what’s on this page right here. And then I’ll also update you guys in the future, diving deeper into what Kibo Eclipse is now. I know of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – they are known for creating a lot of success stories with their training, which is one of the reasons why I follow them. It’s one of the reasons why I want to bring this product to you guys.

Let’s go ahead and let’s give you some context as to what this program is about.

You can see that their first two versions of Kibo smashed records with the 2021 launch of Kibo Code Quantum and they actually did 22 million dollars in nine days and they paid out 10 million dollars in commissions. Now that’s not only an indicator of how well this program sells, but it’s also an indicator that it’s a great program because people are obviously buying it.

They’re claiming they’re going to take this to an entirely new level and are expecting Kibo Eclipse to be even bigger. So not only do they have colossal numbers as far as sales and commissions go, but they have a lot of success stories.

Social proof and customer success stories led to incredible conversions.

They’ve spent close to a million dollars on perfecting the software and the tools that Kibo members receive in order to run the business model successfully and they say that people are going to be blown away with what they have created now.

Here’s a cool thing about the training. The training is going to be entirely new and it’s not just a simple reboot or relaunch. Stephen and Aidan say they have been working with thousands of students over the past number of months perfecting the system and this new training will take into account everything they have learned.

Not only that they have many incredible additions with this version of the Kibo, but this also isn’t simply going to be a relaunch. In fact, they’re going to be focusing on a massive breakthrough that they have made over the past few months and to give you a taste of a brand new marketplace. They select products for you. When it comes to dropping or making money with Amazon FBA is you’ve got to select a unique product. In this version, they’ve already done that for you and they’ve already selected a product that is predictably going to create revenue and create sales.

So you don’t have to do any of the background research or any testing or tweaking or anything like that. They also use an insane source of targeted traffic it’s untapped and it’s double the size of Amazon and they’re actually doing currently 100k a month on that platform (probably TikTok).

As you can see it’s going to be launching on the 25th of January 2022.

I hope you got value from this short brief and I look forward to this new program. Based on what Steve and Aidan have done in the past is going to be super exciting, so again go ahead check out the link below for more info..

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