Kibo Eclipse Presentation by Steve Clayton

I’m very excited to write this today because we’ve got some important information for you. I’m going to give you a complete overview of Kibo Eclipse and present you with some numbers.

What we’re going to be telling you about today is a simple five-step online sales system. It’s focused on secret technology: free traffic, done for you solutions, and speed.

That combination is pretty magical and this is something that absolutely anyone can use.

If you carefully follow the simple steps, you can reach an initial run rate of up to a thousand dollars per week in profit. All without needing Amazon, without needing Shopify, without needing China inventory.

In 2021 we’ve been teaching this system to a large group of students. And the results that we are seeing have been like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And some of our most successful students after taking action and applying the training of course are achieving just stellar results.

Let me throw a few out there at you: $56,094 sales during a single day, $455, 000 in sales in four months, $7,291 in sales in 24 hours, and $24,742 in only 16 days.

We’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now and we have never seen anything like that. As you guys know, the reality is whether you’re starting a new biz op training or a new diet or whatever, most people never get started. They don’t take action. Which makes the results that I mentioned impossible to achieve. They’re not typical. If you don’t take any action you’re probably not gonna see any results.

The Kibo Eclipse system is so easy, simple, and straightforward. What we’ve seen is that the number of people who have taken action who have gotten started who have gotten out of the gate and who have made their first sales is way above anything that we’ve we’ve ever seen. 

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