Authors of the Kibo Eclipse

The authors of Kibo are Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. They are both highly successful online entrepreneurs with decades of experience. 

Aidan Booth - Kibo Eclipse Author
Aidan Booth - Co-founder of Kibo Eclipse

Aidan Booth - Ecommerce Expert & Co-founder

Aidan Booth is an expert in e-commerce and a blogger who shares his knowledge on many social networks and business sites.

He has created lots of successful stories and businesses for himself and his clients. He is also one of the two principal inventors of the Kibo Code and Kibo Eclipse.

Aidan started his online venture when he moved to Argentina. He was challenged to get a job, however, because he didn’t speak Spanish, he decided to start an online business. His first experience in digital marketing started in 2005. Firstly he dedicated himself to learning about affiliate marketing and has made quite some revenue by using Google AdWords for advertising. That was the source of his motivation to dive deeper into the world of online marketing.

Later on, he moved to e-commerce, building his online shops and stores. Instead of aiming for paid advertising, he decided to learn about SEO and tap the free traffic from the Google search engine. 

Steve Clayton - Kibo Eclipse Author
Steven Clayton - Co-founder of Kibo Eclipse

Steven Clayton - Marketing Expert & co-founder

He partnered with Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey who were equal partners in his company.

He was one of the co-founders of a highly successful Fortune 500 company that made amazing growth. All the co-founders decided to diversify their business and offer their knowledge to the public in form of online courses, that would assist the course members to make money, just like they did.

That’s when they started working on building online training courses like 100K Factory, 7Figure Cycle, Parallel Profits, The Kibo Code, Kibo Code Quantum, and now, Kibo Eclipse. The success of their members has made their products highly sought after and were advertised mouth-tomouth on many marketing forums, blogs, and social networks.